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Neication allow you to set up alarm, video lost, power loss, sensor trigger, or motion deduction notification on any smart device regardless of where you are as long as you have Wi-Fi connection with one click playback. Easy Backup options available through; Network remote view, DVD-R burner “if available”, or built in USB Port, smart search show you only motion in specific location so it easy to locate the missing item or know who took it or when did someone come close to your property .

Stay connected with Dual processer and large memory allowing for triple stream and 100% independent Remote view from live operation with 120 FPS triple stream H.264 network server. the Only DVR on the market that has built in computer virtualization environment one graphical user interface on your DVR or r

w SAMLINKS HDD16.13SXUD V2 1080P /960H Hybrid Real-time HD-SDI 16 Channels Video and Audio Advance Digital Video Recorder With (16TB) 16000GB Hard Drive installed: New Hybrid 16 Channel True Digital High definition HD-SDI 30FPS at 1920X 1080P nd BNC Main for total of three displays output all at the same time, plus BNC spot out Only available on D1/ 960H Analog DVR’s, H.264 network Video server for full Remote Viewing and operation, data archiving features for Backup, along with a handheld IR Remote Control, USB mouse Control and touch screen support. This DVR will Support all D1/960H Analog Cameras re

on each channels true 1080P recording and playback . A Video/ Audio Recorder, network ready Industrial Grade Embedded Linux DVR 16 Channels with 8 Channels of audio recording and playback with True advance hardware H.264 Compression. Built in email and push video notification via smart devices App, PTZ control, and off site support, Alarm and relay control.

Our advance HD-SDI record support 1080P at 480FPS total . why HD-SDI? ….it is the same technologies used by motion picture to produce stunning high definition movies, , use your older cameras 960H and D1 as well, we are leader in True digital High definition HD-Sdi the true digital HD-CCTV with advance playback for amazing clarity and quality second to None.

Built in smart search (with motion detection enabled) help you find the right recording without going through hours of recording just high light the grid with action and smart search will find when here was any movement within it great for finding the vandalism or any trespassing true smart way to search and playback.

Recording that count provides 'always-on' recording capability, with variable resolution CIF/ half D1/ D1/ 960H/720P/1080P, image quality, image rate, and audio recording on and off; all are adjustable per channel. Several recording modes, including schedule, motion, alarm and sensor recording, continues or via timer setup each with individually adjustable settings per channel and per motion. 8 audio channels allow you to listen, record and playback audio with video and audio over the internet.

Large storage capacity, supporting up to One 10TB hard drives on our J Case, Three 10TB hard drives internal on our N case, and Six 10TB hard drives internal on our B case, (please see box contains and DVR specification). True advance H.264 compression reduces HDD consumption yet allows for excellent image reproduction on playback and back up at any resolution or TVL.

Easy Integration and implementation with HDMI out at up to Full HD 1080P, VGA out at up to Full HD 1080P a

gardless of the TVL output the higher your Camera Resolution the better your playback.

Ease Of Use One simple Platform regardless of what format, level or DVR you are using simple to understand and operate graphical user interface everything accessible with two to three click from backup to playback to configuration, Built-in zoom up to 5X on live and playback. Easy to manage with strong admin features up to 11 user accounts all with different level or access and permissions all user and password protected no none sense guest options this is a security system after all. Push notif

emote computer no complicated software to use or learn. full windows 7/8/10 platform and Mac support via IE or downloadable “Iwatch DVR” App, Smart devices support on Android and IOS via our Free downloadable "SOcatch" App for live view and playback as well as Audio streaming and PTZ control on all your smart devices.

We offer wide range of option from different entry level D1/ 960H DVR’s, midrange Hybrid 720P/ 1080P TVI and IP solutions to the high end Hybrid real time 1080P HD-SDI DVR’s please check our store for complete offering and packages 4, 8, 16 and 32 channels.

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